Cloth and lifestyle products for mother and her children of any age that made from special sized natural cotton and Anti Bacteria & Anti Virus technology specially to relief sensitive skin.

Brand Misisize Me, a brand that selects materials And design clothes

And the most gentle lifestyle products for children

As much as a mother can do because you are your Minisize Me.

Once an owner of a marketing company called “Good Happening Co., Ltd.”, I am now a mother of one daughter who runs a clothing brand that produces clothes with 100-percent natural fiber fabrics. Since my daughter was 3-month old, she had skin allergy problem. After consulting many doctors, I found out that her allergic reaction wasn’t stimulated by any food, but her clothing as well as our clothing—something that touched her skin the most and was supposed to be the safest item.

Inspired by the above reason, the clothing brand “Minisize Me” was established.

All production processes of our products, including mother-daughter matching cloths, family matching cloths and other lifestyle products, are chemical-free.

What’s more important is we use anti-bacteria technology to produce all of our clothing so they are safe from bacteria.

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